Meet the members of The Todd Mundt Show team.

Jon Hoban - Executive Producer

Charity Nebbe - Senior Producer and Guest Host

Charity is an Iowa native and like all people from the great state of Iowa she is honest, hard working, and very kind. She began her career as a student at WOI in Ames, Iowa and after a brief stint in Indiana she returned to Ames where she worked as a producer and host. In 2000 she was lured out of Iowa to join the Todd Mundt Show staff. Charity and her husband live outside Ann Arbor with their three dogs and six cats... yes they are all allowed in the house, even her husband.

John Tebeau - Producer

John Tebeau has worked as a producer on the Mundt Show since its inception in early '98. Before that he was a freelance illustrator, a painter, a Starbucks barista, a pedi-cab pilot in San Francisco, a salesman, a cartoonist, a T-shirt silk screener, a waiter, and a chump with a regular hateful job in marketing that almost sucked the life outta him. He hails from North Muskegon, Michigan and now lives in Ann Arbor with his wife Colleen. She's a real pip.

Amanda Greig - Producer

Amanda began her broadcasting career in her home town Perth, in the far away land of Australia. Eventually she specialized in voice-overs and quickly became a frequent voice on Aussie radio and television. She soon moved to London to continue the voice thing and a bit of theatre before coming to the United States (her first time!) at the end of 2001. She lives in Ann Arbor and loves it, although she misses her family, Milo (a chocolate drink mix) and cricket!

Susan Friedman - Research Assistant

Susan Hammerton Friedman started life in Royal Oak, Michigan, detoured to Italy for a year, then spent a couple of decades in Kansas City where she brought forth the delightful Sarah and Elana. Professional bifurcation occured when she earned a master's degree in psychiatric nursing and became a clinical nurse specialist and psychotherapist in a busy psychiatric practice. During the same years, she played the violin professionally in the Kansas City Symphony and in a smaller chamber music ensemble. Nine years ago she was lured back to Michigan where she does all the same things, only less. The Todd Mundt Show makes sure she doesn't have any free time whatsoever.

Nayiri Bardakjian - Research Assistant

Nayiri Bardakjian recently graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Journalism. She now suffers from post-graduation-syndrome, a disorder that makes the inflicted feel confused, as well as displaced. However, things are looking brighter these days, The Todd Mundt Show has taken her in, and life is starting to make sense. Where she'll go, she does not know, but her main goals in life remain the same. They are: never work in a cubicle; always watch cartoons; start a magazine; never lose the nickname nightybug; and always get excited about stupid things. Oh, and to have a job, that she likes.