submission from: Lev Raphael
The Devil and Daniel Silverman
Theodore Roszak

What could be worse for an author than 20 years of diminishing sales, increasingly bad reviews, and speaking engagements so unremunerative that his lecture agent won't take a percentage? Well, if you're gay and Jewish Daniel Silverman, it's being invited to evangelical Faith College in desolate northern Minnesota with a speaker's fee too large to resist. Once there, he's lectured about what not to say, which makes him aggressive and too open, much to the revulsion of his audience. When the state is hit by an epic blizzard, he's trapped for days with people who think he's devilish, if not the Devil himself. Warm and witty social satire that made me laugh out loud.

submission from: Jim Derogatis
Hot Hot Heat - Make Up the Breakdown

submission from: Heather Newman
The Logitech IO

Seiko InkLink