Todd began dreaming about being on the radio when he was 10 years old.

To the great annoyance of his parents and brothers, Todd had a pretend radio station in his bedroom. He began listening to NPR when he was 13 years old. In his eighth grade speech class, he told his classmates that when he grew up, he was going to be on NPR.

That has happened.

Todd began radio announcing at 14, when he was old enough to have an FCC General Radiotelephone License. He worked at a non-commercial, religious station, KFGQ, in his hometown of Boone, Iowa. In 11th grade he moved to the commercial ABC station in Boone, KWBG.

Todd majored in political science at Iowa State University and worked at WOI-AM/FM, the university's NPR stations. He hosted classical music, something he still loves to do; he conducted interviews and hosted newsmagazines, including Morning Edition.

A bit of trivia: For two weeks in 1989, he hosted the Marketplace Morning Report modules on PRI... a fill-in job and his first on-air network experience.

After graduation in 1989, Todd took his first full-time job at WNIU/WNIJ, the NPR stations at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb. For the first two years, he hosted classical music. Then in October 1991, he began hosting Morning Edition -- something he's done ever since.

In 1994, Todd returned to WOI. He hosted Morning Edition and the magazine program Midday.

In 1997, he was offered the opportunity to move to Michigan Radio in Ann Arbor. He continued his tradition of early rising to host Morning Edition. The Todd Mundt Show began in April 1998. And it made one of the fastest transitions from local to national broadcast... debuting on NPR in October, 1998.

Todd lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.