The Todd Mundt Show
December 1998

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12/1 Daniel Rothenberg - Author, "With These Hands", the story of migrant farm workers.
        Dr. Kenneth Condrell - Author, "Wimpy Parents: From Toddler To Teen, How Not To Raise A Brat".

12/2 David Remnick- Author,"King of the World", story of Muhammed Ali.
        William Wright - Author, "Born That Way: Genes, Behavior, Personality".

12/3 Adam Gussow - Author, "Mister Satan's Apprentice", and one of the musical duo: Satan And Adam.
        Gordon Fellman - Author, "Rambo and the Dalai Lama".

12/4 Tom First and Tom Scott - Nantucket Nectars juice guys.
        Thomas Frank - Author, "The Conquest of Cool".

12/7 Robin Karr-Morse - Family Therapist, talked about violence and children.  Author, "Ghosts From The Nursery;Tracing the Roots of Violence".
        Alan Kors -Professor of History at the University of Pennsylvania, author, "The Shadow University; The Betrayal of Liberty on America's Campuses".

12/8 Ellen Ullman - Software engineer, talked about the future of computers and the effects on our interpersonal relationships. Author, “Close to the Machine”.
        James Blanchard - Lawyer and former U.S. Congressman, and author -"Behind The Embassy Door: Canada, Clinton, and Quebec".

12/9 Evan Imber-Black - Director of program development at the Ackerman Institute, and author of "The Secret Life of Families; Truth-Telling, Privacy and Reconciliation in a Tell-All Society".
        Neil Baldwin - Author, "Legends Of The Plumed Serpent; Biography of a Mexican God".

12/10 Dr. Lawrence Diller - talked about the effects of ritalin, author of "Running On Ritalin".
        Jonathan Schell - Journalist and author of "The Gift Of Time", discussed what has happened since the Cold War with nuclear weapons.

12/11 Bill Zehme - "The Way You Wear Your Hat, Frank Sinatra And The Lost Art of Livin’".
         Tim Dugdale - Movie reviews.

12/14 Dr. Caroline Myss - talked about the reasons we hold on to emotional baggage, and the inner awareness required to let go of what bothers us.  Author, "Why People Don't Heal And How They Can".
       Stewart O'Nan - Author of "A World Away", has researched the myths and stories surrounding the island of Attu, including its history in World War II and its future--as a deserted isle.  Also went to the island as research for an article for "Outside" magazine.

12/15 Bruce Tulgan - RainmakerThinking, Inc., His book, "FAST Feedback", offers means for efficient communication between managers and employees.
       Donald A. Norman - Hewlett-Packard executive, told us what's wrong with the personal computer.

12/16 Dr. Humphrey Tonkin - Talked about Esperanto, its uses and benefits.
        Teresa Lust - Author, "Pass The Polenta", a book about the memories of cooking, and its relationship to memories and families.

12/17 Dr. Audrey Ricker - Co-author of "BACKtalk: 4 Steps to Ending Rude Behavior in Your Kids".
       Jacqueline Jones - Author, "American Work: Four Centuries Of Black And White Labor".

12/18 Steve Rushin - Sportswriter for "Sports Illustrated" magazine and travel author, described his journey on the road visiting American sports shrines.  "Road Swing" is the title of his book.
       Barton Sutter - Author, "Cold Comfort; Life At The Top Of The Map", a book about life in Duluth, MN.

12/21 Jacki Lyden – Talked about the impact her mother has had on her life.  Her book, "Daughter Of The Queen Of Sheba", describes her mother's manic-depression and erratic, but inspiring, influence.
       Lev Raphael and his latest book recommendations.

12/22 Ann Cook - Described her experiences of the "Yukon West", the Alaskan sled dog race her husband completed.  Her book is called "Running North".
       Dr. Roger Highfield – Author, "The Physics Of Christmas".  Talked about things like why Rudolph's nose is red, and how Santa delivers all those gifts in just one night.

12/23 John Margolies -  Author, "American Tourist Attractions; Fun Along The Road"
         Gordon Kane - Professor of Physics at the University of Michigan, talked about "Quarks", what are they, why we should care, and research into "dark matter".  His book is "The Particle Garden; Our Universe As Understood By Particle Physicists".
       William Anderson - Historian, talked about the Von Trapp Family, the singing family that escaped Nazi Germany and toured Europe and the USA during the 40's and 50's.  He chronicled their rise as singers and the family history.  They were the subjects of the film "The Sound Of Music".

12/24 Peggy Knickerbocker – Author, "Olive Oil: From Tree to Table".
       Tom Vanderbilt – Author,  "The Sneaker Book", he talked about the creation and appeal of an American icon...the running shoe.

12/25 Richard Landes - Director of the Center for Millennial Studies at Boston University, talked about what may or may NOT happen in the year 2000.
       Lama Surya Das – Author, "Awakening the Buddha Within."

12/28 Charles Mann - Senior editor for Forbes magazine, talked about the
computer hacker who broke into the systems of supposedly secure institutions and companies.  He has written "@ Large".
       Will Harrison - Geophysicist at the University of Alaska, described changes currently taking place in glacier activity, the reasons for them, and what this means for the rest of the world.
       Dr. Kary Mullis - Talked about winning the Noble Prize in chemistry, surfing, alien abductions, and his book, "Dancing Naked In The Mind Field".

12/29 Stephen Dubner – Author,  "Turbulent Souls". Talked about how his parents' conversion from Judaism to Catholicism during World War II affected his own religious identity for years to come.
       Tim Dugdale - film critic for The Todd Mundt Show and The Detroit Metro Times, shares with Todd the best and worse movies for the year of 1998.

12/30 Dr. Joseph Koonce – Talked about the complexities of Lake Erie, its environmental changes, and their impacts.  He is a scientist at Case Western Reserve University.
       E. Desmond Lee -Self-made millionaire, talked about how he made his money, and why giving it away is not such a big deal.
       Dr. Jennifer Ladd - Philanthropist, shared her experiences in volunteerism,
Philanthropic advising, and the whys and hows of giving money away.

12/31 Emily Jenkins - Author, "Tongue First: Adventures In Physical Culture". Talked about our relationships with our bodies and why how we dress and who we kiss reflects our social standing.
       Dan Piraro  - Talked about his unique--and successful--tour with the help of his fans.  He draws the cartoon"Bizarro", and his latest book is "Bizarro Among The Savages".