December 26, 2001

Carol Smille, host of the British television show "Changing Rooms", talks with Todd about her program. She describes how two groups redecorate a room in the other group's house without their input, and how homeowners react to the remodeled rooms.

Arch Puddington, Deputy Director of the Radio Free Europe-Radio Liberty New York Bureau, talks with Todd about how RFE-RL fueled the end of communism. He describes how the radio service began, its purpose, and how it educated listeners in various countries about life beyond communism. His book is "Broadcasting Freedom: The Cold War Triumph Of Radio Free Europe And Radio Liberty".

John Young, from the Alpine Club of Canada, talks with Todd about the "Cirque Project", an initiative to better dispose of human waste in the mountains. He talks about how waste affects alpine environments, and how they're studying climber reaction to this project.