December 21, 2001

The Justice Department has ruled that Microsoft violated anti-trust laws, and now nine US states including Iowa have suggested ways to remedy the illegal acts. Iowa's Attorney General Tom Miller talks with Todd about what he wants to see happen to promote fair competition in the computer industry.

Mark Bowden, writer, talks with Todd about the United States' involvement in a Somalian relief effort that unexpectedly resulted in combat. Called the "Battle of the Black Sea", this struggle caused the U-S Secretary of Defense to resign. Bowden and Todd discuss the controversy surrounding the fighting, what went wrong, and the soldiers involved. His book is "Black Hawk Down".

Film reviewer Tim Dugdale returns to the studio to talk with Todd about "Black Hawk Down", based upon the book by Mark Bowden, and the new Ridley Scott film "Ali". Dugdale reviews movies for "The Todd Mundt Show" and the "Detroit Metro Times".