December 18, 2001

Dr. Kerry Kelly is the chief medical officer at the New York City Fire Department. She talks with Todd about the social support network at the department. Kelly is responsible for keeping the crew mentally and physically healthy, and explains how the firefighters have supported each other following the terrorist attacks on September 11.

The "E! True Hollywood Story" television series gives an in-depth look into a celebrity's life. Many of the programs focus on yesterday's stars, explains Betsy Rott, vice president of original programming at the E! Network. She talks with Todd about the tragedies and happy stories on the program, and how they get the stories and make the editorial decisions.

Todd talks with musician Ben Folds about making music for the radio industry. Folds says that musicians need to follow narrow guidelines if they want to write a hit, and he talks about how he tries to be original. He talks about life and work since "Ben Folds Five", and how he focuses on different instruments and formats.