December 17, 2001

A copyright battle is brewing over intellectual property and academic work. Author Corynne McSherry talks with Todd about academic work, who writes it, who uses it, and who - if anyone - should get the credit. McSherry's book is "Who Owns Academic Work? Battling for Control of Intellectual Property".

Scientists are learning about the atmposhere of other planets with a new technique. When the planet is between Earth and its parent star, scientists can see the light of the star shining through its atmosphere. David Charbonneau talks with Todd about the planet they are researching, and detecting life on other planets. Charbonneau is from the California Institute of Technology.

Maurice Sendak, author of "Where the Wild Things Are", has been creating and illustrating children's books for over fifty years. He talks with Todd today about his love of art, his inspiration for his work, and why he addresses a child's fears and disappointments in his books. He talks about the projects he's working on now.