December 14, 2001

When sixteen years old, Sarah Flannery developed a new way to encode online data. She talks with Todd about her interest in cryptography as a kid and the algorithm she developed for transmiting information on the Internet. Her book is "In Code: A Mathematical Journey".

Todd talks with University of Michigan assistant music professor Michael Gould about leading a group of students in creating music for National Public Radio's "All Things Considered". We'll hear a few of the pieces, and learn how Gould taught his students to be artists and businesspeople during the experience. Todd also talks with Andy Thompson, one of Gould's students, about participating in the project.

The National Cooperative Program monitors and reports weather conditions to the National Weather Service. They are unpaid volunteers who take weather readings from desolate areas to get to the media quickly. Andrew Horvitz manages the program, and talks with Todd about its necessity.

Jerome Thaler is a volunteer for the National Weather Service's Cooperative Program. He tells Todd about obtaining and reporting weather information, and taking weather reports from his home. For more information about the Cooperative Observer Program, go to this site.