December 11, 2001

Edmond Pope is a former Naval Intelligence officer who found himself wrongly convicted by the Russian government of espionage. They thought he was after the secrets of a Russain submarine torpedo. He spent 253 days in prison, and talks with Todd about the experience, and how he got home. His book is "Torpedoed: An American Businessman's True Story of Secrets, Betrayal, Imprisonment in Russia, and the Battle to Set Him Free".

Adam Cohen creates interactive maps that give detailed information about cities and buildings. By typing in the coordinates of a certain location, its image appears. You can alter the view for a full picture. Cohen talks with Todd about the technology behind the maps, and the cities he's mapped.

John Uri organizes the research materials and experiments held at The International Space Station. He tells Todd about coordinating the crew members, the initial purpose of the station, and the current set of experiments going on. He explains that experiments at the station can last longer than those conducted from the shuttle.

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