December 6, 2001

"Emergence" is the tendency for small, simple elements to reorganize themselves into a larger, more complex system. Author Steven Johnson talks about how emergence works, why it is efficient, and where we see it in our lives. He talks about its importance, and why occurs. His book is "Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software".

Researchers at the World Wildlife Fund have created a different kind of map, one that dipicts the location of habitats and life on Earth. Scientist David Olson talks with Todd about the map, the work that went into it, and how it will further conservation efforts. More information is at this site.

The Concorde plane has returned to the sky after it was grounded following the crash outside Paris in July, 2000. Mike Bannister, the chief Concorde pilot at British Airways, talks with Todd about the plane, restoring passenger faith after the crash, and customer relations while the plane was grounded. He discusses the history of the Concorde, its use, and how it is different from other planes.