December 4, 2001

While in space, astronauts are in extremely confined spaces and very close to their colleagues. To help them prepare, the National Outdoor Leadership School was created to give them an opportunity to learn teamwork and cooperation while still on the ground. Monika Schultz is the NASA progect manager for expeditionary training. She talks with Todd about the NASA wilderness camping trips and how astronauts become accustomed to their personality differences.

Astronaut Andy Thomas has participated in the wilderness expeditions NASA organizes for their astronauts. He tells Todd about how the trips are organized, and the physical and psychological challenges of the trips. He explains how it helps prepare the astronauts for long missions in space.

Tetris has become a phenomeneon since its creation seventeen years ago. Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov talks with Todd about the lure of the game - its simplicity to learn, and difficulty to master. He gives his take on newer versions of Tetris, and what he had in mind when he developed it.

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