November 27, 2001

Archaeologist Diane Wall talks with Todd about the underground mysteries of New York City. She says that years of excavation have revealed a history of the city that is often lost on its modern day inhabitants. She tells Todd about what archeologists have been able to learn about the rich past of New York. Her book is "Unearthing Gotham: the Archaeology of New York City".

Todd talks with Peter Swire, chief privacy counselor in the Clinton Administration and professor of law at Ohio State, about a recent effort by the Recording Industry Association of America to get clearance from Congress to hack into personal computers in order to remove illegally downloaded music and video.

Todd speaks to Seth Reice, author of "The Silver Lining: Benefits of Natural Disasters", about making a fundamental change in the way we view floods, fires and other environmental disturbances. He argues that our approach to these occurrences must recognize their importance in maintaining the long term stability of the ecosystem.