November 23, 2001

Mitchell Messer, founder and director of the Anger Clinic and the Anger Institute in Chicago, talks with Todd about the growing problem of "office rage." They discuss the pressures of the work place and problems that can arise from suppressed anger among co-workers. They discuss techniques for controlling and expressing your anger, as well as dealing with the anger of your co-workers in a postive and constructive way.

Milton Miller, director of food services for the Penn Cambria School District in Southwest Pennsylvania, talks with Todd about an experimental program that should stream-line the cafeteria lunch line. The school district has installed high tech scanners that allow students to purchase their lunches with their fingerprints.

Robert Park, physics professor at the University of Maryland, talks with Todd about the validity of popular scientific theories. He talks about how the media portrays scientific breakthroughs, and the difference between pseudoscience and genuine research. His book is "Voodoo Science: The Road From Foolishness to Fraud".