November 22, 2001

Human body parts are becoming a commodity in genetic testing and biotechnology. Patients are sometimes unaware that their tissues are being used and tested, as Lori Andrews, director of the Institute for Science, Law, and Technology at the Illinois Institute of Technology explains. Andrews discusses what this means about the medical field, and culture today. She talks about the commercial products manufactured with the information. Andrews has co-authored "Body Bazaar : The Market For Human Tissue In The Biotechnology Age".

The complexity of the technology we use daily is often stressful, such as computer problems or malfunctioning email systems. Director of the Laboratory for Computer Science at MIT, Michael Dertouzos talks about "human-centered computing", personalized systems that will understand speech and be easier to operate. Dertouzus says that the concept could be applied to technology in the office and home, increase productivity, and make working with computers as easy as driving a car. His book is "The Unfinished Revolution :Human-Centered Computers And What They Can Do For Us".