November 21, 2001

Author Simon Winchester explores the life and work of the father of modern geology, William Smith. Smith's quest to document the terrain of England led to the creation of the world's first geological map in 1817. Simon discusses Smith's difficult journey from orphan to canal digger to eventual acclaimed geologist. Simon's book is "The Map That Changed the World: William Smith and the Birth of Modern Geology".

Ocean waves are being used to generate electricity along the coasts of the United States. Now a company called WaveGen in seeking to place these energy-harnessing turbines far into the ocean. Todd talks with Allan Thompson, managing director of WaveGen, about wave power and the obstacles to taking the equipment out to sea.

Todd talks with instrument maker Tim Jansma. He explains the nuances of creating a musical instrument, and the influence of science and art in their development. He also discusses the special challenges of working from his home in the woods of western Michigan. Tim shares how he strives to give a musician the "ultimate playing experience".