November 16, 2001

Ted Cohen, professor of philosophy at the University of Chicago, talks with Todd about jokes. He describes a joke's structure, how it works to make us laugh, and how we need a certain amount of background information to understand jokes. His book is "Jokes: Philosophical Thoughts On Joking Matters".

Christopher Ober, professor at Cornell University, talks with Todd about the glue he designed to connect computer components. He describes how the glue, called alphaterp, breaks down when baked in a special oven, leaving the components intact and able to be recycled.

Chris Nichols is leading a movement to preserve southern California's architecture of the past. He is chief strategist at the L.A. Conservancy, which is striving to protect and preserve old diners and coffee shops against remodeling. The group leads protests and community outreach programs to stop demolitions. He talks with Todd about the group and its purpose.