November 15, 2001

The Queen of Sheba is thought to have lived in 950 B.C. in what is now Yemen. But did she really exist? William Glanzman is leading an international group of reseachers while they excavate a 3,500-year-old temple in Yemen. He talks with Todd about the site, what they are finding, and new evidence that points to Sheba's existence.

Video games that feature animated actors could benefit from Kenneth Perlin's research. He and his team have received a patent for their method that creates life-like interactive characters. He talks with Todd about the technology, and the physical and psychological elements of the characters. Perlin is a computer science professor and director of the Media Research Laboratory at New York University.

Volkswagen was nearly out of business in 1992, but new marketing strategies and the creation of new designs helped it out of the rut. It's now one of the fastest growing car companies. David Kiley, "USA Today" Detroit Bureau chief, talks with Todd about the history and leaders of Volkswagen, and how VW products have affected America. His book is "Getting the Bugs Out; The Rise, Fall and Comeback of Volkswagen in America".