November 14, 2001

Before the 11th of September, most of us probably didn't know much about Afghanistan or life there. Journalist Jason Elliot has traveled extensively in Afghanistan, and by doing so has gained an understanding of the Afghan people, culture and history. He talks with Todd about his experiences traveling there, and how the American press depicts the country.

New computer technology now allows surveillance personnel to catch an image of a person's face on camera, and compare it to images of suspected crimimals. Visionics Corporation developed the technology. Its CEO, Dr. Joseph Atick, talks with Todd about how the program works and how it could be used.

Travel advisor Joe Brancatelli talks with Todd about current issues in airline travel. He tells Todd about how the recent American Airlines crash will affect the industry, and how all of the disasters since September 11th will impact the holiday travel seasons. Joe also gives his take on standardized safety regulations, and what the airlines can do better.