November 6, 2001

Hilary Spurling, author, has researched the life-- and persuasive ability--of Therese Humbert. Spurling and Todd discuss Humbert's childhood in 19th Century France, her remarkable imagination even as a youth, and how she used it to convince the French nation that she was heir to an American billionaire. Spurling describes the price Humbert paid for her disguise, and how her actions nearly destroyed the French government. Spurling's book is "La Grande Therese; The Greatest Scandal Of The Century".

Scott Johnson directs the Cornell Baby Lab at Cornell University, where his team is researching how an infant's mind develops to understand the world around her. Johnson is interested in the initial stimuli newborns experience, how children grow and learn patterns and speech, and how sight plays a role in the brain's cognition.

Brian Gardiner is changing how the culinary world orders vegetables. The founder of "America Fresh", Gardiner talks with Todd about how his business allows restaurants to order organic produce from farmers before the vegetables have been grown. "America Fresh", he says, will supply pictures monitoring the plants' growth.