November 5, 2001

Rayona Sharpnack creates leaders. As founder of the Institute of Women's Leadership, she coaches women, and men, in thinking, acting, and communicating like leaders. She stresses that the way you handle situations and, ultimately, who you are, will bring about success.

Humans have been predicting weather for centuries, and in 1900, Isaac Cline deemed himself an expert. A variety of bizarre weather events were occuring worldwide, and Cuban officials warned that a major storm was headed for Galveston Texas, a city on the brink of greatness. Todd talks with writer Erik Larson about how America trusted Cline's assurances that Galveston was safe, despite evidence otherwise. Larson explains what happened when Cline was proven wrong. His book, "Isaac's Storm: A Man, A Time, And The Deadliest Hurricane In History".