November 2, 2001

With guest host Charity Nebbe.

Charity talks with industry expert Jason Epstein about the dynamic changes the book publishing business has undergone in the last fifty years. He discusses the shift from numerous independent publishers to a only few powerful conglomerates. His book is "Book Business: Publishing Past, Present and Future".

The Mercury 7 astronaut team is the well-known group of men who first ventured beyond our orbit, but few know of the all-female Mercury 13 team. Janie Hart and Bea Steadman talk with Charity about being two of the 13 women who were trained at the same time the first men in space.

Petula Clark's career spans the last four decades, from that of a child star to pop icon in the 1960's to starring on Broadway. She talks with Charity about a life in the spotlight and keeping her career alive through changing times.