October 25, 2001

People with disabilities can wait up to five years to receive a trained service dog to help them with daily tasks. Canine Partners For Life tries to supply dogs within one year. The group's executive director, Darlene Sullivan, talks about how she trains the dogs, matches them with people who have special needs, and what the dogs do.

Rhonda Guidebeck is assisted by her service dog, Scamp, everyday. She talks with Todd about Scamp, how he alerts her of her forthcoming seizures, and how she communicates with him. Guidebeck is an epilectic, and Scamp helps to increase her independence, safety, and mobility.

Our tech expert, Heather Newman, talks with Todd about Windows XP. She tells us who really needs the new system, and how it compares to other systems. She explains how to get it if you decide you need it, how to install it, and how much it costs.