October 17, 2001

Students applying for college admissions may be hurting their chances by following the advice of academic counselors. Rachel Toor was an admissions officer at Duke University, and she tells us about how universities review admissions materials, and the methods that will help get you in. Her book is "Admissions Confidential: An Insider's Account Of The Elite College Selection Process".

Laura Carstensen talks with Todd about the number of friends we need for optimal social support and mental health. She tells us why three friends appears to be the magic number of friends. She is a psychology professor at Stanford University.

Joseph Mangano, researcher at the Radiation and Public Health Project, talks with Todd about his studies into nuclear reactors and their effects on people who live near them. He studies the teeth of children who were born near reactors and measures levels of stronium in their teeth. He talks about the correlation between these stronium levels and the rate at which children acquired cancer and leukemia.