October 16, 2001

Jim Walsh changed his mind a few years ago about his career. He dropped his high profile job in Chicago to become an organic cacao farmer in Hawaii. He tells us about the accident that made him re-evaluate his life and make the change, and how he altered his priorities. He talks about founding the first organic cacao farm in America.

The first map listing America was drafted in 1507. The Waldseemeuller map has changed hands, from Germany to the Library of Congress. John Hebert, chief of the library's geography and map division, talks with Todd about the map, its history, and why it intrigues scholars.

A few years ago, special chips and movie ratings were introduced to help parents choose which shows to let their kids view. Bradley Greenberg is a professor of telecommunication and communication at Michigan State University, and talks with Todd about television content and how to determine how it will affect children. He talks about his research, and explains what the different ratings mean. Click on "The Alphabet Soup of Television Program Ratings" for more information about his book.