October 15, 2001

In 1951, the stars from radio were moving into TV. One of them was Lucy, and her show, "The Lucille Ball Show", became a hit. Writers Madelyn Pugh Davis and Bob Carroll, Jr. talk about writing Lucy's radio show, and then her TV show. They discuss drafting the early scripts, what made Lucy laugh, and how they developed ideas. The first show aired October 15th, 1951.

Kim Rosenblum, senior vice president of TV Land's creative group, talks with Todd about restoring television episodes of "I Love Lucy". She explains how her network includes the program in their line-up, and brings back the animation of Lucy and Desi in the opening sequence.

Gregg Oppenheimer, humorist and writer, talks with Todd about his father's experience on the "I Love Lucy Show." He talks about his father's rise from radio station messenger to inventor of the sitcom. He discusses his experiences writing a memoir for his father and uncovering new information on his father's life. His book is "Laughs, Luck and Lucy."