October 12, 2001

We lose the ability to remember as we get older, and psychologist Denise Park tells us about how this happens. Park talks about how our memory and mental capabilities begin to decline in our twenties. She explains this gradual process, and when we are able to notice a difference.

Start times at high schools may affect students' performance. A study in Minneapolis suggests that students who begin school later in the day are better learners and have a better temperament. Kyla Wahlstrom, researcher at the University of Minnesota, talks about the study.

The people we care about the most can be the ones with whom we have the most trouble communicating. Although we want to be close to them, we also crave freedom, says linguist Deborah Tannen. She talks about communication within close relationships, and why meanings are so often misinterpreted. Her book is "I Only Say This Because I Love You: How The Way We Talk Can Make Or Break Family Relationships Throughout Our Lives".