October 10, 2001

Following the attacks on the United States, Arab Americans have been profiled by some as potential terrorists. Todd talks with law professor David Harris about racial profiling, and how Arabs have been asked to get off planes due to the fear of other passengers. He talks about "flying while Arab", and why racial profiling will not solve our problems.

Todd talks with Dr. Maya Angelou about her life and experiences. She talks about the various jobs she worked before becoming a poet, and how each one affected her. She explains how she uses poetry in times of crisis.

Our music reviewer returns to the show to talk about current and upcoming releases. He discusses Tori Amos' "Strange Little Girls", Laura Dawn's "Believer", and "The Grand Pecking Order", from Oysterhead. He also tells us why "Sex Mob Does Bond" by Sex Mob is this month's obscure gem. Munson is music reviewer for the "Des Moines Register".