October 4, 2001

VH1's "Behind The Music" covers the careers and lives of music stars. Todd talks with the executive producer of the show, George Moll, about putting the show together. He describes gathering interviews with stars' friends and family, doing the research, and talking about their fame.

A tour in Portland, Oregon brings city-dwellers to country farms so they can see the origin of the food we eat. Dianne Stefani-Ruff, manager of the Portland Farmers Market, organizes the tours. She talks about how she hopes to illustrate the problems we'll face if farmland is used up by developers.

The Rorschach inkblot tests have been used to determine personality traits and diagnose mental illness, but some researchers now say that they don't work. Scott Lilienfeld talks about the controversy regarding the tests, how they are used now, and what doctors expect - or don't expect - from them. Lilienfeld is an associate professor in psychology at Emory University.