October 3, 2001

Trucking in the United States has changed since its deregulation in the late 1970's. The result was lower pay and more hours. Michael Belzer, professor of Industrial Relations at Wayne State University, talks with Todd about the state of trucking today. His book is "Sweatshops On Wheels: Winners And Losers In Trucking Deregulation".

Urban sprawl and development are infringing on Civil War sites, so The Civil War Preservation Trust has created a list of the endangered areas. The Trust's president, Jim Lighthizer, talks with Todd about which sites are on the list, why they are threatened, and what their protection means.

Consumers are getting savvy about ad campaigns, so manufacturers are trying out innovative ways to market their products. International Promotions Entertainment Marketing firm places their client's products, ranging from beverages to cars, in films and television shows. Company president Linda Swick talks with Todd about their methods.