September 28, 2001

Comedian and voice-over king Harry Shearer talks with Todd about the difference between humor and satire. He explains his view on when it is acceptable to enjoy humor after the attacks on New York City and Washington, DC. Shearer talks about his career, and recording voices for the "Simpsons" television show.

Roller bladers are taking part in tours in Paris. Allan Wright, owner of "Zephyr Skate Tours", talks about the three-hour events, how they came up with the idea, and their popularity. More information is at

Our movie reviewer Tim Dugdale talks about how the recent attacks on the U.S. have affected Hollywood. He tells Todd about how some releases have been postponed, and other films edited, because of the events. He also talks about his take on the film "Our Lady of the Assassins". Dugdale reviews movies for "The Todd Mundt Show" and the "Detroit Metro Times".