September 24, 2001

Before 1802 very little was known about clouds. Luke Howard, an amateur meteorologist, presented his research in December of that year. Author Richard Hamblyn talks about Howard's scientific discovery, and how he changed meteorology. His book is "The Invention of Clouds: How an Amateur Meteorologist Forged the Language of the Skies".

Air-quality reports are nearly as important as weather reports in many major U-S cities. Richard Wayland, from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, talks about the threats of ozone, and what "ozone awareness days" are.

Thomas Gergely, electromagnetic spectrum manager at the National Science Foundation, talks about how the Earth is getting noisier. He explains how communications technology, including cell phones and satellites, is affecting scientists' ability to detect cosmic emissions. He talks about why this is a concern, and what can be done.