September 21, 2001

Todd talks with writer Ilan Stavans about how language shapes our identity. Stavans talks about how he has lived in different areas of the world, and has spoken Yiddish, Spanish, Hebrew, and English. He explains what he has learned about language, and how it defines us. He recounts his life in the book "On Borrowed Words: A Memoir of Language".

A powder produced by Dyn-O Mat can absorb 2,000 times its weight in water. The company's president, J.D. Dutton, talks about the composition of the material, how it was discovered, and how it could be used to absorb water during hurricanes and other storms.

Our tech expert Heather Newman talks about the tech and communications problems that resulted from last week's attacks on the World Trade Center. The WTC was home to Internet and communications centers, she says. Newman also talks about upgrading your computer easily and cheaply.