September 19, 2001

Today we'll explore the link between religion and terrorism. History professor Matthew Connelly joins Todd in the studio to talk about the current religious and political climate of Arab nations following the attacks on the United States last week. Connelly is at the School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan.

Celebrities want to get credit when their picture is used, or their likeness referred to. Lawyer for the New York Times Company, Adam Liptak, talks about how famous people are trying to prevent other people from using their popularity to sell products and services. He explains how this might violate the First Amendment.

The San Joaquin Valley Endangered Species Recovery Program is working to ensure the survival of the kit fox. Researcher Brian Cypher talks with Todd about the endangered San Joaquin kit fox, and how the species survives in urban areas. He says that he studies their habitat and characteristics to find out how to help them.