September 17, 2001

Todd talks with Jane Dutton, professor of Organizational Behavior at the University of Michigan Business School, about what compassion is, and about showing feelings of support and care for co-workers. She talks about measuring the need for compassion, and how compassion works in institutions such as work, family, and religious groups.

Running a marathon requires endurance, mental stamina, and sufficient time to prepare. But people who haven't been runners are participating in marathons too, says David Whitsett, instructor of a course at the University of Northern Iowa. He talks about his college course, which leads students in workouts and proper nutrition. At the end of the course, students run a marathon. His book is "The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer".

Lev Raphael returns to the show to talk about what he's read of late. He discusses "Boswell's Presumptuous Task: The Making of the Life of Dr. Johnson", by Adam Sisman; "Ava's Man", by Rick Bragg; and "About the Author: A Novel", by John Colapinto.