September 13, 2001

Lee Varon, social worker, talks about the single person adopting. She tells her story of adopting a son and daughter, and the emotions that are part of the process. She explains how to decide whether or not to adopt, and organizations offering support. Her book is "Adopting On Your Own: The Complete Guide To Adopting As A Single Parent".

Mark Pastrone, Vice President of Marketing at Orbital Sciences Corp., talks about detailed aerial photographs on the web. He discusses how to access the images on the Internet, and the satellite images that are stored by various services.

Virginia Scott Jenkins, scholar-in-residence at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, tells us about the history of the banana. She recounts the banana's debut in North America, the campaign promoting the fruit, and how bananas changed American diet and culture. Her book is "Bananas: An American History".