September 12, 2001

William Laurance, senior research scientist with the Smithsonian Institute, talks about the effect of selective logging on the rainforest in Queensland, Australia. He led a group of volunteers in fieldwork to observe how plant and animal life is being destroyed. His book is "Stinging Trees And Wait-A-Whiles: Confessions of a Rainforest Biologist".

Joseph Garcia, researcher, talks about teaching babies sign language. He explains how babies could be taught to communicate, their ability to learn, and the benefits of this type of communication for parents and caregivers. He created the "Sign With Your Baby Complete Learning Kit".

Stephen Jones, environmental consultant, discusses the fragile landscape and natural beauty of the Nebraska Sandhills. He describes the natural environment there, and how the young ecosystem is constantly changing. His book is "The Last Prairie: A Sandhills Journal".