September 5, 2001

Now you can take a tour of the Smithsonian, online. The HistoryWired website offers a collection of the museum's exhibits. You can see images and hear audio recordings, explains Judy Gradwohl, the museum's web director.

Our music reviewer, Kyle Munson, returns to talk about this month's hits and misses. He discusses the albums "A Rock in the Weary Land", from The Waterboys; "The Invisible Band", from Travis; and "Treasures from the Folk Den", from Roger McGuinn.

Older computers still operate, and computer collectors are looking to find and restore the old machines. The Vintage Computer Festival, created by Sellam Ismail, is an online auction selling old PC's. Ismail talks with Todd about the Festival and why people want the old computers.

In an effort to recruit better teachers, TV director Davis Guggenheim has created a documentary that features the frustrating and difficult aspects of teaching. He hopes that showing the challenges of teaching will inspire would-be teachers to rise to the challenge. His documentary, "The First Year", will air on PBS stations on September 6.