August 31, 2001

The personal computer is 20 years old, and the major players in the computer industry recently gathered in Silicon Valley to celebrate. Todd talks with journalist George Anders about the computer revolution, and what it was like when IBM engineers were creating the technology. Anders is editor at "Fast Company" magazine.

The "Snore and Roar" program, at the National Zoo, sets campers up in tents on the zoo grounds. It includes nighttime tours to see the animals. Todd talks with the program's manager, Pam Bucklinger, about the idea, its popularity, and how the lions' roar wakes the campers in the early morning.

Movie reviewer Tim Dugdale returns to the show to talk with Todd about current box office movies. He discusses "The Deep End" and "Ghost World". Dugdale critiques movies for "The Todd Mundt Show" and the "Detroit Metro Times".