August 27, 2001

The Leaning Tower of Pisa was slanting so heavily, it was in danger of falling. Engineers started working to reduce the lean and preserve the tower. Many methods were supplied and used, explains John Burland, a committee member on the project. He talks with Todd about how they extracted soil from under the tower to level it off.

The majority of bus accidents are side collisions, and involve objects between the bus and the curb. Researchers are developing a laser and camera system to alert bus drivers of these obstacles and prevent accidents. Research associate at Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute, Christoph Mertz, talks with Todd about the device, and their use in city metro systems.

When students at Baldwin Wallace College, in Ohio, head back to class, some of them will travel to the southern United States to learn about the Civil Rights Movement. The seven-week "Freedom Road" will be coupled with a series of classes about the history of African-Americans, and race and ethnicity lectures. Charles Burke is the director of the program, and talks with Todd about the purpose and their itinerary.