August 21, 2001

While other clowns use make-up and balloon animals to entertain kids, Bello Nock uses acrobatics and physical acts during his routines. He talks about his training, his practices, and how he got into the business. He is "America's Best Clown" this year, as named by "Time" magazine.

David Mellor, director of grounds at Fenway park in Boston, talks about creating lawn art at the stadium. He and his crew create pictures in the baseball diamond, and he says people can do the same to their lawns at home. His book is "Picture Perfect: Mowing Techniques for Lawns, Landscapes, and Sports".

Ocean water may pose an unseen threat to swimmers. Joan Rose, professsor of water pollution microbiology at the University of South Florida, talks with Todd about the viruses that live in the coastal waterways, how they get there, and how they can harm us.