August 17, 2001

Mortality can be difficult to face, but author Tim Matson addressed it head on. He went through the processes of planning his own funeral, and talks with Todd about what he discovered. His book is "Round-Trip To Deadsville: A Year in the Funeral Underground".

It probably seems like comic strip characters stay pretty much the same as the years go by, but not true for the stars of "Gasoline Alley", the longest-running daily comic. Characters of this strip have grown older, gotten married, and had children, since it began in 1918. Todd talks with Jim Scancarelli, who oversees the strip, aobut the possibility of retiring the comic.

We can't hide our animal instincts, says psychologist Gary Aumiller. He talks with Todd about how we resemble animals in the ways we solve problems and respond to danger. His book is "Walk Like A Chameleon: Use Your Animals Instincts To Improve Your Relationships And Your Life".