August 10, 2001

Ocean currents affect weather, transporation, and travel, and oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer has revealed more about them by looking at what washes up on the shores. He tells us how he studies currents by beachcombing for items and then finding out where they originated.

Thousands of years ago, religious groups built temples near Peru's coast to ward off the dangerous weather we now call El Nino. They thought they succeeded when El Nino left for a few years, say researchers, but then abandoned them when El Nino returned. Daniel Sandweiss, archaeologist at the University of Maine, talks about studying the remains of the temples.

Many arts groups in the U.S. are facing financial strain. Kevin McCarthy is a researcher at RAND Corporation, and he explains his study about arts groups financing and education. He explains why arts groups in mid-sized cities have problems, and how some audience numbers have dwindled.