August 9, 2001

An era of better travel could be around the corner, with quicker, easier flights and fewer delays. Journalist James Fallows explains that the answer is getting smaller planes in the air that fly to smaller airports closer to your home and destination. His book is "Free Flight: From Airline Hell to a New Age of Travel".

Physicist Robert Adair talks about the physics of baseball. He explains how the crack of the ball against the bat sounds, and why that sound is created. He tells us about the physics behind the noise, and how the bat's construction adds to the effect. Adair is professor emeritus of physics at Yale University.

Summer folk festivals are a unique way to celebrate the music of roots and folk artists. Nick Spitzer, folklorist, talks with Todd about what Folk Festivals mean, how they're organized, and the bands that perform. The "National Folk Festival" starts August 10 in Michigan. Spitzer hosts the public radio program "American Routes".