August 7, 2001

Marsha Ogilvie became an anthropologist by using her sense of touch. She uses her hands as her eyes since she lost her sight 12 years ago. She talks about her career, excavating bones of humans and animals, and taking them back to the lab for research. She talks about how she started her career later in life.

Chemist Pat Gruber has created a new use for corn -- using it to make plastic. The material he's invented uses fermented corn syrup as its main ingredient, requires less energy to produce, and is easily broken down. Gruber is a vice president at Cargill Dow.

Poet Jimmy Santiago Baca talks about his work, and his background. He tells us about his childhood, which was riddled with problems, and how he developed his passion for reading while in prison. His book is "A Place To Stand: The Making of a Poet".