August 2, 2001

Most of us prefer either fast paced city living, or a more relaxed life in the countryside. Making the transition from one to the other can place things in a new light. Writer Jim Mullen was a Manhattanite who talks about why he moved to the "sticks", and how NOW, he'd never go back to the city. His book is "It Takes a Village Idiot: Complicating the Simple Life".

Following mountain gorillas in the African jungle is a challenge that requires guides, trackers, and even soldiers to ward off snipers. To study the animals, researchers have developed satellites which track the gorillas' movements. Nickolas Faust, associate director at Georgia Tech's Center for Geographic Information Systems, tells us about the project.

Composer David Yazbek used to write for David Letterman, but gave up comedy for composing music. He talks about how he was asked to create the score for Broadway's "The Full Monty" musical. He talks about writing music for Broadway, and for his band. His new album is called "Damascus".