July 31, 2001

Jyl Lynn Felman uses methods of acting and performing when she's teaching classes to make her lessons more enjoyable and engaging. She explains how she thinks of her classroom as a stage on which both she and her students have the opportunity to perform. Her book is "Never A Dull Moment: Teaching and the Art of Performance".

A group of friends in Oregon decided to create a holiday during the summer months, one that celebrates everyone's freedom to be themselves. August 1st is "Personal Freedom Day", says spokesperson Tanya Zumach. She talks about the holiday, its purpose, and how to celebrate.

Astronauts can't open a window for fresh air if something in the shuttle smells foul. That's why George Aldrich, chemical laboratory technician at White Sands Test Facility in New Mexico, conducts tests to see if the materials and equipment enclosed in the spacecraft emit noxious gases.