July 27, 2001

The food we see in cooking and nutrition magazines usually isn't real food at all. Roscoe Betsill, food stylist, cooks and photographs food for magazines and ads. He talks with Todd about how he shops for food for the pictures, how he uses glue, plastic, and hair cream to make the food look better, and how he crafts the perfect looking cheesecake.

Researchers are working to make planes safer in the event of emergency. James Whinnery, director of the Aeronautical Research Division at the FAA, talks about plane evacuation studies. He explains how they study people using the exits, and how to make it easier to get off the plane.

Our film reviewer Tim Dugdale returns to talk with Todd about current movies. He gives his critique of "Planet Of The Apes" and "Hedwig And The Angry Inch". Dugdale is a movie reviewer for the "Detroit Metro Times".