July 26, 2001

Making the transition from working professional to stay at home mom can be difficult. Women lose their identities at work, and stay at home on a daily basis. Family issues researcher Martha Bullen talks about how to make the transition. Bullen's book is "Staying Home: From Full-Time Professional To Full Time Parent".

Keith Orr owns the Aut Bar, a gay and lesbian bar in Ann Arbor, Michigan. To "welcome" a protester scheduled to picket the bar during a gay pride week, he decided to make it profitable. He tells Todd about how he collected donations from people who pledged amounts of money based on how many minutes the protester would stay. Check out his website for more information.

Charles Atlas, an Italian immigrant, founded a company in 1929 to help people improve their bodies. Atlas developed a fitness and nutrition program designed for gaining muscle. The current owner of the company, Jeffrey Hogue, talks with Todd about the company, the letters he receives from customers, and how the company is trying to increase its appeal to women.