July 25, 2003

Michael Vecchione joins Todd to give us an update on giant squids. Vecchione, who is from the Department of Invertebrate Zoology at the National Museum of Natural History, tells Todd about recent discoveries and new theories with regards to the elusive giant squid.

Why do the world's languages have such an uneven pattern of distribution? Dr. Jared Diamond from UCLA believes that the sporadic distribution is connected to farmers. He joins Todd to explain this theory, and why he thinks that languages are connected to the time when crop plants began to be domesticated in different regions 10,000 years ago.

Our travel advisor, Joe Brancatelli, joins Todd to share his top travel tips from the past five years.

This is the last day of The Todd Mundt Show, so we take some time to remember the last five years. We reflect on the experience of producing this program, and the guests we've had on the show.

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